Bluebirds of Happiness

Yaaah!!! I'm finally getting some interior pictures of my Bluebird camper up. I just LoVe searching the web images, pinning and reading all the vintage camper/glamper blogs. Now it's my time to bless others with my 14 foot little sweetie. If you haven't meet Annabell this is she,......

....She lives in my Darling lil' Glamper, and has so many lil' friends visiting her all the time! FiFi, Gigi, Easton,( Mikey our Grandson) and Mason......and the cousins,too!!! 
All Tweet vintage 1950's  Lefton/Norton bluebirds have special place in my camper.

This funny lil' mess, is actually a pride n' joy! I had sooo much fun making it, and the kids were so proud of me! They even asked "who can have it, when I pass on" Oddly is really a sweet complement. ;)

            My makeshift curtains. They'll do for now.
          I put a hankie in the middle, for a tender touch. 
             My lil' one loves the pom-poms!

              This is sweet Annabell, next to my shiny old toaster. 

               A few of my "favorite things" vintage aprons!!!
   The yellow thermometer came with my camper, what a lil' treat.....

..........So was the yellow vintage cup holder. I like collecting vintage kitchen appliances. I need to finish painting the trim of the cabinets. Thought it might cutie it up a bit.

                                                Here's a larger photo.

                         This lil' Tupperware tabier, I found at Goodwill.

         This thrift shop find is great for chips, nuts and lil' sweet treats!

When I had seen this vintage card on Etsy, my heart puttered just a bit!

       I had fun putting this card, note and paper trinket thingy together!

JARS,JARS n' JARS!!! I LoVe JARS! Big small old new. And then the fun of filling them up with lil' goodies n' cute lil' useful things.

From time to time, I find "vintage looking" this enamel holder. 

I hope you go a' hunting for lil' treasures. Whether in your home, your favorite shops. Fill your glamper with things that make you happy and cozy filling!

                      Leave a comment, I'd Love to hear from you!!!